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16 May 2014


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  Municipal Fire Truck  

Matra Municipal Fire Truck is designed and manufactured complied with NFPA 1901 as an international standard for  manufacturing fire fighting truck. Vehicle's body  is compactly engineered to perform  vehicle's stability for various conditions. Recently, based on customer's requirement, pump is  put either at the middle (American style) or at the rear  (European style) of vehicle. No matter what customer wants to place  the  pump Matra can fulfill they need  with high quality product.
When the pump is placed at the middle, the vehicle can be operated for pumping while it is rolling  (pump and roll system)
This is the unique and the flexibility of Matra fire fighting truck which may not be done by  other manufacturer.

spesifikasi matraSpesifikasi Municipal Fire Truck
matra NO matra SPESIFIKASI matra
  1   Water tank capacity   MMF-3000: 3000 liters
MMF-5000: 5000 liters
  2   Cabin   Single cabin. Capacity 3 crews include driver  
  3   Water tank capacity   MMF-3000: 3000 liters
MMF-5000: 5000 liters
  4   Chassis   Diesel Engine 120 PS and 190 PS
  5   Fire Pump

Pump Position
Maximum pressure
Vacuum pump

Piping system


: R3
: Double stage centrifugal

: Vehicle mounted fire pump
: Bronze case stainless steel
: 750 gpm at 10 bar
: 20 bar
: Oil-less rotary priming pump
with magnetic clutch
: schedule 40 with hot deep
galvanized process
: 4" storz connection + cover
: 2x2.5" discharge connection
and 1 turret monitor
with machino coupling
: Power take off (PTO)
  6   Turret Monitor   Type : Single water way
capacity : 1600 rpm
Control : manual
distance spray: 60-65 meters
rotation : 360 degress
rotation : +60 degrees
-20 degrees
  7   Painting   Vehicle is painted by polyurethane red color and sand blasted comply with the standard of painting  
  8   Electrical equipment   1 unit roraty light bar
2 unit spotlight 100 watt
1 unit speaker TOA with Mic
1 set panel contyrol lamp
1 set locker lamp
1 set pump compartment lamp
1 set siren with amplifier
  9   General Equipment   1 set tool kit
1 unit reserved tire
1 unit first aid kit
2 unit tire sprag
2 unit coupling key
2 unit suction cover 4"
1 unit flash ligt 9 volt
  10   Fire Fighting Equipment   1 unit Portable extinguisher 6 kg
4 unit suction hose 4" x 2.5m
4 roll fire hose 2.5" x 20 m w/c
4 roll fire hose 1.5" x 20m w/c
1 unit 'Y' connection 5x1,5x2.5"
1 unit strainer suction 4"
1 unit aluminum ladder 2 x 3 m
1 unit Fire axe
1 unit Fire hook
1 set Manila rope
2 unit spray nozzle 2.5" w/c
2 unit spray nozzle 1.5" w/c
  11   Operating Guide   1 set Manual book of operating and maintaining pump.
  12   Optional work with additional cost

Double cabin

Foam system:

- Foam Capacity
- Material

- Portable pump
- Floating Foam
- Fireman suit
- Breathing apparatus
- Communication radio
- Fire rescue saw

for 6 crews added by seats and doors
.To tilt the cabin hydraulic tools is used

500 Liters
Stainless Steel SUS316, wall thickness 3mm, floor thickness 5mm

18 hp
450 GPM pada 10 psi
Nomex III
Fire fighting standard
Fire fighting standard
Fire fighting standard
  13   Warranty   24 months after the vehicle is received  
  Matra Rescue Vehicle  

When   fire, earthquake or other disasters happen, a reliable special rescue vehicle is absolutely needed. This kind of vehicle not o ...

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